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Various Artists "I Own Nothing"

Various Artists "I Own Nothing"

SKU: 121DB

Artist: Various Artists
Title: I Own Nothing
Format: 2x12"
Record Label: Critical Hit Records
Cat/Sku: 121DB
Genre: Hardcore, Doomcore, Speedcore, Noise, Industrial
Country: France
Year: 2017
Condition: New

Track List:
A1. Awesome Express - Pre-Cum
A2. Joshua - Yogg's Revenge (Birth Of Madness Remix)
A3. Joshua - Darkness And Blackness
B1. K_SpEcIaL - Burn Kiddy Burn
B2. TLMS - Comptine D'Autrefois (Narré Par K_SpEcIaL)
C1. Watt Tha Fuck - L'Appel Des Limbes
C2. The TimeTwister - La Dentelle
C3. TLMS – Cafein
D1. Struktur – Untitled
D2. TLMS - Power Corrupts (Détourné Par Sucre Rose)
D3. Sucre Rose - Paradigme De L'Humanité
D4. Struktur - Untitled

  • Additional Information

    This is a double 12" release, pressed on dark grren and blue marbled vinyl. Hand numbered.

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