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Various Artists "Excursions In Ambience (The Fourth Frontier)"

Various Artists "Excursions In Ambience (The Fourth Frontier)"

SKU: ASW 6153-1

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Excursions In Ambience (The Fourth Frontier)
Format: 2x LP
Record Label: Astralwerks
Cat/Sku: ASW 6153-1
Genre: IDM, Ambient
Country: England
Year: 1995
Condition: Used

Track List:
A1. Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumental Wish
A2. Me-Sheen - Sonic Lullaby (Edit)
B1. Lunasol - D.I.A.P.O.W.
B2. Ben Neill - Somnabula (Mutant Mix)
B3. Far-Out Son Of Lung - Cow
C1. Labradford - The Church Song
C2. 777 - Fay Deau Deau
C3. Single Cell Orchestra - Drifting In Wire
D1. Freezer - Pressure Zone (Measured At 2 Atmospheres)
D2. Node - Swamp

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    Rare vinyl

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