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The Orb "U.F.Off The Best Of The Orb"

The Orb "U.F.Off The Best Of The Orb"


Artist: The Orb
Title: U.F.OFF - The Best Of The Orb
Format: 2x LP
Record Label: Island Records
Cat/Sku: ILPSD 8078
Genre: Techno, Dub, Ambient, Oldschool Techno
Country: England
Year: 1998
Condition: Used

Track List:
A1. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of
A2. Littly Fluffy Clouds (Dance Mix 2)
A3. Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth Mix)
B1. Blue Room (7" Mix)
B2. Assassin (7" Mix)
B3. Pomme Fritz (Meat 'N' Veg)
C1. Toxygene (7" Mix)
C2. Outlands (LP Version)
C3. DJ Asylum (7" Edit)
D1. Mickey Mars (7" Edit)
D2. Towers Of Dub (Original Mix)
D3. Pi (Part 1) (LP Version)

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    Rare vinyl

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