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Maenad Veyl "Body Count"

Maenad Veyl "Body Count"


Artist: Maenad Veyl
Title: Body Count
Format 2x12”
Record Label: Veyl
Cat/Sku: VEYL007
Genre: Industrial, Electro, Techno
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Condition: New

Track List:
A1. Bleak
A2. Unhealed
A3.The Adversary
B1. They Belonged With The Others
B2. From Body To Body
B3. Silent Blood
C1. Twelve Regions
C2. Out Of Sight
C3. Heart Of A Machine
D1. Solipsism (& Other Comforts)
D2. Like A Locust
D3. Permanent Disrepair

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