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Dataklysm "Hooligan"

Dataklysm "Hooligan"


Artist: Dataklysm
Title: Hooligan
Format: 2x12”
Record Label: Deathchant
Cat/Sku: CHANT LP 13
Genre: Hardcore
Country: England
Year: 2020
Condition: New

Track List:
A1. Hooligan
A2. Narrative Of A Criminal
A3. West Country Gangster Music
B1. Psycho
B2. In The Hood
B3. Lunarville Phonk
C1. Scraping The Plate
C2. Lucifers House
C3. Cult Leaders
D1. Devil's Son
D2. Ultraphonk Megamix 4000

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    Double 12"

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