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Claude Von Stroke "Freaks And Beaks"

Claude Von Stroke "Freaks And Beaks"

SKU: DB219

Artist: Claude Von Stroke
Title: Freaks And Beaks
Format: 3x12”
Record Label: Ditybird
Cat/Sku: DB219
Genre: House Music
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2020
Condition: New

Track List:
A1. Warming Up The Bass Machines
A2. Freaks Don't Fail Me Now
B1. Flubblebuddy
B2. Frankie Goes to Bollywood
C1. Young Blood (Feat. Wyatt Marshall
D1. Waddaday (Feat. ZDS)
D2. These Notes in This Order\
E1. Session A
F1. All My People in the House
F2. Alpine Arpline

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    Triple 12".

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