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Alec Empire "Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley"

Alec Empire "Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley"

SKU: EL.T.L.006

Artist: Alec Empire
Title: Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley
Format: LP
Record Label: El Turco Loco
Cat/Sku: EL.T.L.006
Genre: Breakcore, Noise, Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 1999
Condition: Used

Track List:
A1. Jailhouse Cock Rocks The Most
A2. You Ain't Nothing
A3. Something For The Pain
A4. Take Away
B5. Come On, Fight You Punk! - I Am Going Insane Without Your Love - He's Dead, That's The Way It Is
B6. Last Message From The Soul
B7. Fuck The Majors
B8. Blue Moo

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