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Very Important News About Our Online Store & Newsletters

We wanted to let all our customers, fans and followers know that our online store DRFREECLOUDS.COM will be switching from our current online platform WIX into custom building our own platform. We've had some major issues with WIX since December of last year. They took away our allotted 5,000 emails per month to connect to our customers and reduced our amount to only 200 email messages a month. Our plane was prepaid with all these features. We used to send out at least 1 to 2 newsletters a month and several blog posts as well per month and the removed. They took away what was paid for and now said I have to pay a separate price just to email our customers. This is why we haven't sent a newsletter since December of 2022. On the positive we will be controlling 100% of our website's products, images, audio, calendar and most importantly we will have no limit to how many newsletters and blogs we can send out to all of you. We will announce when the new website is completed. Thanks for your patience on the lack of newsletter communications. We will have a new newsletter go out this week sometime so stay tuned.

One last thing... If any of you currently use WIX or were looking for a company to run your online presence, we don't recommend using this greedy company, look for someone else.

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