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Thank You for all for a great RSD

Record Store Day 2023 was a huge success, this year out did last years record. The lineup was the longest ever. The line went all the way to Savers front door and remained that long from 8 til 11AM and the line didn't finish until 12 noon. We are truly thankful and blessed to have such great customers and fans of our shop. Every year the numbers grow and overall business grows only reinforces that vinyl is still getting more and more popular. A big thank you to all the customers who came down and shopped with us. To both our regular customers and all the new faces we saw, combined you all made our RSD weekend another great one to remember. Thanks also to all the DJ's - Dope-E, Mike Hemp, Nimrod, Ron D Core, Bernard Thomas and Nathan Sanchez that came down and donated their time and skills to play amazing music for all of us. Thanks to Bernard Thomas for hanging out, bringing strong beers and deejaying with us from opening to close...the entire day.

BTW we still have some leftover records from RSD23, so come down and get some at the shop. Also we posted a bunch of pictures and videos up here on our site, just click the "Photo Albums" tab.

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