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Record Store Day vinyl 2022 leftovers

Now that the dust has settled, and the large crowds have subsided from our store, this past Record Store Day weekend. We are still selling the exclusive RSD 2022 titles, and there are still some great records left over waiting for those of you who like to wait til the line and crowds are gone. There's roughly 50 different unique releases still available for sale. To purchase any of the leftover records, just drop by our store in person to dig through the crates, or you can call the shop at (657) 888-4695 or message us through our online store or direct message us through Instagram. Check out the pictures below to see currently what is still available for sale.

Dr. Freecloud's Last Record Store Standing

9043 Garfield Ave.

Fountain Valley, California 92708

(657) 888-4695

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