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Huge Thank You "25 Year Anniversary Celebration"

Our 25 Year Anniversary celebration party at our shop was truly awesome. This day turned out to be one of the best ones yet and we wanted to take the time to thank all those who contributed and donated their time to this special day. To all of the DJ’s: Steve “Mr. Koolaid”, David “Truncate”, Raoul “R.A.W., Moe “Drumcell”, Randy “Verity”, Remo, Felix, Chris Mirsch and Bernard Thomas who all took the time to come to our shop and played an amazing vinyl sets. Thanks to our family and good friends for the food and drinks: The Liangs, Marshall, Kathy, Rachel, Angelica and Brett your contributions greatly helped. A big shout out to Forest and Rachel for bringing down their “Virtual Reality” recording setup and “Live Streaming” the event from beginning to the end, we can’t wait to see the recordings. Thanks also to our good friends Shortee and Temple for all the custom buttons they made. Thanks to all of our loyal customers that came to our event and showed support by shopping throughout the day. We appreciated all the purchases you made. helen*...Ron D Core...Zzyzx

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