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Here's highlights of that Oldschool Techno record collection

This record collection has been out in boxes and available for sale for the past 2 days. We are selling chunks of records from these boxes, but there's still so much left to dig through and purchase. Now we are going to showcase some of the highlight pieces into groups of record labels and styles. Take a good look at this photo and you will see exactly how awesome these records are. We don't get these styles of music in this kind of quantities very often, so if you are debating or thinkling about going through these records, don't wait too long!

Genres include:

Oldschool Techno, Gabber, Acid, Breakbeat Techno, Jungle, Early Hardcore, Classic House, New Beat, Hip House, Acid House and more from the 1987 to 1994 years.

Come by our store already and dig through before they are all gone. If you can't make it by and want to do a mail order just call the shop or message us. We can search and pull records for you and pay via PayPal or credit card.

Dr. Freecloud's Last Record Store Standing

9043 Garfield Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

(657) 888-4695

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