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Fresh boxes of "Mystery Vinyl" put together

We just put together 3 fresh boxes of Mystery vinyl and sold 5 boxes of "Mystery Dance Vinyl" and made one more of the dance vinyl box. That's 9 boxes of super bargain vinyl sold.

We do have 4 boxes currently in stock and if you want one or more for yolurself, you need to get over to our shop and purchase there or call us at (657) 888-4695 and we can take payment over the phone and ship a box or more to you.

These boxes have roughly 110 records inside, give or take.

Note: the picture showing the open box is the dance music selection.

Wanna come up on a giant box of records for cheap?

Selling now at>

Dr. Freecloud's Last Record Store Standing 9043 Garfield Ave. Fountain Valley, CA. 92708 (657) 88-VINYL | (657) 888-4695

We ship worldwide and accept all major credit cards + PayPal

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