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Bedrock Records 12" collection

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

We are still unpacking and pricing 600 vinyl records from DJ Jon E Thin's record collection. Here's all the Bedrock Records record label releases we pulled out from this collection. There's some really solid titles to go through here. If interested in these records just drop by the store and see what we got or message or call the shop for mail order.

Here's the full list of BEDROCK RECORDS>

BEDRT 001R - Bedrock "Heaven Scent"

BED16 - White Room "Strapped"

BED11 - Revolt "Moonlit Room"

BLACK01 (Bedrock sub label) - Deep Amok "Shades"

BED39 - Steve Porter & John Debo "Deported"

BLACK04 (Bedrock sub label) - Shmoo "Sophisticated"

BED51 - POB & Taylor "Aura"

BED24 - Aetherius "Liquid Progression"

BED53 - Dousk "Life Under"

MOON001P - Moonface "U Get So Give" (Promo)

BED5XP - Saeed & Palash "Voices" (promo)

BED15P - Jimmy Van M "Sanctuary" (promo)

BS1001P - Bedrock "Beautiful Strange" (promo)

PEA-LP-6150-5 - Jimmy Van M "Sanctuary - remix Brancaccio & Aisher"

PEA-LP-6163-5 - DJ Hyper "Bedrock Breaks" (2x12")

PEA-LP-6167-5 - John Creamer & Stephane K "LP 1" (2x12")

PEA-LP-6168-5 - John Creamer & Stephane K "LP 2" (2x12")

PEA-LP-6166-5 - John Digweed "MMII" (3x12")

PEA-LP-6164-5 - Chris Fortier "Compiled & Unmixed 1" (2x12")

PEA-LP-6152-5 - DJ Hyper "Compiled & Unmixed part 01" (2x12")

PEA-LP-6165-5 Chris Fortier "Compiled & Unmixed 2" (2x12")

MOONLP1 - Moonface "Between Worlds" (3x12")

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