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ive got Grub loading, please wait. Error: you need to load kernel first, please press c to continue can someone help? me: ok - so that's a grub problem grub? bootloader what did you do to cause this the error is "you need to load kernel first" - you don't boot into anything yet i need to get into the OS i'm trying to fix how to i do that? me: boot the linux OS you are trying to fix from the GRUB menu i'm trying to fix a ubuntu install you are then trying to fix it's boot loader but not booting a linux OS can you please help? i'm trying to fix the problem me: your trying to fix grub, I'm trying to help you fix the actual problem i just need help getting the OS on my usb me: do you not have the ubuntu install CD/DVD on you ikonia, it's on my internal hdd then there is no point in you doing anything you boot the OS from that me: do you have the install CD/DVD on you? where do i get that from? me: boot the machine from that i don't have it, and i'm booting from the usb boot the OS you are trying to fix i don't have the disk use the USB i'm booting from the USB me: do you have the USB device you are booting from yes ok - so boot from the USB device i've booted from it several times ok - so boot the OS you are trying to fix there is nothing on the disk ahhh



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OMSI 2 - Addon Berlin X10 Free

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