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Various Artists "Strike Vs. Bloody Fist"

Various Artists "Strike Vs. Bloody Fist"


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Strike Records Vs. Bloody Fist
Format: 12”
Record Label: Strike Records
Cat/Sku: STRIKE015
Genre: Speedcore, Hardcore
Country: Germany
Year: 1996
Condition: Used

Track List:
A1. Netas - Trapped Alive
A2. Xylocaine - Rural Area
A3. Embolism - Girly Boy Track
B1. Anal Cunt - Bitch Nasse Schuh
B2. Sandkorn – Patchcore
B3. Obituary H.C. - Phuture II

  • Additional Information

    This used copy is pulled from Ron D Core's record collection.

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