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Disciples Of Annihilation "Industrial Power '9d4"

Disciples Of Annihilation "Industrial Power '9d4"


Artist: Disciples Of Annihilation
Title: Industrial Power '9d4
Format: 12”
Record Label: Industrial Strength Records
Cat/Sku: IS24-RP
Genre: Hardcore, Speedcore, Gabber, Acid
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2020
Condition: New

Track List:
A1. Wanna Be A Gangsta
A2. Zu Leiten
B1. Ya Mutha
B2. Dance With Me (Remix)
B3. Chemical Warfare
C1. Poisoned With Strychnine
C2. My House
D1. Upon The Power
D2. Ya Mutha Part II (280bpm)
D3. Hardcore Kid

  • Additional Information

    2020 repress and reissue.

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