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Trauma Fest was an epic warehouse party!

We had way too much fun this past weekend at Trauma Fest (Los Angeles) a super dope flashback of a warehouse party. What a solid production by Kari and the handful of oldschool promoters, DJ's and sound guys that made Trauma Fest truly amazing. Helen and I just went on Friday night, the night I was spinning in the Dr. Freecloud's hosted No-Doz room. The main room which I was spinning in looked and sounded amazing. From the intensity of the loud and bassy yet crystal clear sound that Pure Filth brought was unmatched. The LED lighting was off the hook as well and perfectly set to the intense energy and tempo the room had all night. The crowd was going off during my entire set and everyone else's set was also killer. A huge thanks for all the love and support from all the oldschool ravers and our rave family colleagues, you all made this event feel like an early 1990's L.A. underground reunion, that oldschool feeling and energy was captured. Saw so many great friends and colleagues from years past, nice catching up with you all. Big shout out to my Helen my wife and Dr. Freecloud's co-founder for making a rare appearance to my gig. The No-Doz room last night is definitely one of the best rooms in years to play at.

It was great seeing so many people in the crowd wearing Dr. Freecloud's gear from the past to the present. I recorded my DJ set from this event and will review the recording and release it to the public very soon and we will post all our pictures and videos here on our website as well...stand by for more info!

review by: Ron D Core

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