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There was a fire next door to our shop

Last Friday the sushi place next door caught on fire! Thanks to the quick thinking of our  business neighbor Austin from Joey's Pizza who saw the smoke early morning & checked on our shop & called the fire department, fortunately nothing bad happened to our store! Our store did get all the smoke but nothing burned inside. It could of been a lot worse. We did lose weekend business due to the restoration company cleaning the smokey air out of our shop & it still smells a little bit in the store, but we are all good. Extra thanks to Peter Vincent for messaging us before the shop opened to give us the heads up on all the fire trucks in our center & in front of our store & thanks to the Huntington Beach Fire Department & Fountain Valley Fire Department for saving our store & for not spraying any water on the records!!!

We are fully back to regular business and since we lost a couple days of biz, we could really use our customer support and come down to our shop and do some shopping.

Dr. Freecloud's Last Record Store Standing

9043 Garfield Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

(657) 88-VINYL | (657) 888-4695

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