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Progressive house record label highlights

We got in a large dj record collection over this past weekend and the music genres included a mixture of Progressive House, Techno, House Music, Tech House, Acid and Psy-Trance. There's a lot of great titles in these recent boxes of records we got in including some solid record labels.

Shown in this photo are 4 different records that had multiple titles for each which includes: Hooj Choons, Harthouse, Yoshitoshi Recordings & Bedrock Records. This is just the first round of posts showing some great record label highlights. All the records listed in this picture are now selling as well as the rest of the record. Come by the store to dig through and pick few records up for yourself. If you can't make it to our shop, call us to look and pull records and then we can ship it to you.

Dr. Freecloud's Last Record Store Standing

9043 Garfield Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

(657) 888-4695

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