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Dr. Freecloud's and all businesses Now Open in Orange County

Some of you have already know and a lot of you haven't heard the awesome news that Orange County where our store does business in is officially open for all businesses. Our shop has never closed at all during this time, since the city of Fountain Valley permitted us and similar businesses to remain open. Now that all businesses can legally open this has helped to increase traffic flow and a bit better business for us as well. We encourage everyone to get out and come out and do some record shopping with us. Our store is very clean, orderly and sanitized and it's always been this way since 1994 when we first opened. There's plenty of hand sanitizer and soap in the bathroom as well for washing up.

NO MASK REQUIRED! You don't need a mask to shop inside our store, but if you want to wear one that's okay with us. The store is back to normal store hours and we are open 7 days a week. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Help keep small mom and pop businesses open and alive and go out and do some shopping!

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