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Brand new Techno, House, Acid, Jungle, Rave, etc. vinyl shipment

Here's your friendly reminder that a brand-new vinyl shipment arrived earlier this week on Monday. This is our weekly import shipment of 12" inch Techno, House Music, Electro, Acid, Drum N Bass, Jungle, Hardcore, Turntablism, Rave Techno, Oldschool Techno, Hard Techno, Trance and more.

This shipment is fully checked in, priced and filled into the bins. These records aren't posted to our online store yet, but soon they will. We recommend coming into the store and digging through and purchasing or message us or call the shop (657) 888-4695 to do a mail order. Check out the list of record labels represented in this shipment and also look at the photo grid showing all the records we got in.

Record labels>

KR3 Records, Lady Maru, Vinyl Resistance Records, Burned At Both Ends, Megastructure, Caves, Kulor, Trip, AEXP, Blue Hour, Kklassik, Acid Revenge, Emerald, Drumcode, Casa Voyager, Drill Hall, Enjoy Association, etc.

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