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Big Thanks to everyone, a great Record Store Day

We wanted to send off a big thank-you message to everyone that came to our shop on Record Store Day this past Saturday, April 23 and throughout the entire weekend for the RSD festivities. This year broke last year's record of being the best and busiest Record Store Day for us. Last year blew us away with how crazy busy we were, but this year blew last year's attendance and overall vinyl support away by far. We knew the night before the big day that we were going to be super busy, only because people started to line up by 5:30 PM on Friday, the night before the big day. The line was the longest we've ever seen, and this time went all the way to Savers front door. We are truly blessed and thankful to have such great customers, and also grateful for all the first timers to Record Store Day. Thanks for the business and all the support, you guys made it awesome for us. We look forward to seeing you all back on June 18th for the Record Store Day records that missed this past Saturday's date. There are 83 unique records that didn't make it, and thus June 18th is a go for the rest of the best. See you then!

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Tom Vkorchnoifan
Tom Vkorchnoifan
Apr 29, 2022

Looks like you had a good day😄

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