The latest edition Dr. Freecloud's Vinyl News is out now!

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to another round of good vinyl news. Lot's of great stuff going on here at the shop and coming up to tell all of you. If you missed all or some of our social networks posting the past 2 weeks, we'll get you up to date now with this vinyl news blast.

Quick rundown on all the important stuff here lately. We have 2 brand new Dr. Freecloud's t-shirt designs that came into our shop over the past couple of weeks and also the third round of custom hand painted trucker hats arrived as well. We wanted to get some fresh designs out in time for "Back 2 School" and end of Summer. More details and pics posted further down in this newsletter. On the vinyl front we got in a few sizable record collections and stacks of all your favorite music styles covering all taste buds. Since the expansion of more record bins space in the shop we've also been ordering lot's of new vinyl too. Last but not least we wanted to mention we have another in store event at the shop this Sunday and also a local show to check out that Ron D Core will be spinning at. Keep reading this fine newsletter and get informed on all things vinyl!!

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