Supporting DJ Culture Since 1994 | Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe

Article by Remo Hunt of Hunt Media
July 7th 2014

Back in the heyday of the LA techno scene, you could find Ron D Core, DJ Dan, RAW, and DJ Trance (just to name a few), behind the decks from Friday to Sunday night spinning UK breakbeat imports on the ‘wheels of steel’ – to thousands of souls dancing inside warehouses, on dry Lake beds, and clubs of So Cal. From OC to LA, ravers, groovers, and club kids would feverishly dial up party lines with music playing in the background hyping up the upcoming event with the DJ line-up, visuals artists, and sound systems that took the night away, well into the weekend. Map points built up the pre-game energy as flocks of cars filled with youth of generation X eagerly awaited a night full of electronically produced bliss. Mickey Mouse gloves, whistles, and counter-culture brands that poked fun at corporate entities, assumed the bodies of ravers from San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, South Bay and Orange County. To some these days will forever remain sacred.

In the winter season of 1994,  Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe, then called Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab opened its doors to the public selling the latest records, mix-tapes, clothing, and tickets. Sometimes the store provided a map point for ‘those who knew’ whom needed no directions other than their own memory to get the night started. Like Beat-Non-Stop, DMC, Street Sounds, and Aron’s Records in Hollywood, Dr. Freecloud’s catered to the ‘underground’ family with their top choice selections of hardcore techno, jungle, drum & bass, trance, and house music. The Lab also allowed ‘up and coming’ DJ’s to distribute their mix-tapes on consignment as to help boost their name into the scene. Dr. Freecloud’s slogan has stayed the same since its inception as “supporting those who support you” which is vital when forming long-lasting partnerships. Almost every So Cal DJ has graced the decks at Dr. Freecloud’s where close friends, music enthusiasts, and fans met at the store for yearly celebrations.

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