So many used vinyl record collections in at the shop

Here's your weekly news and updates into the (new and used) vinyl arrivals that we've been getting in at shop since the last newsletter. Some of the key collections we got in recently. We got in 5 boxes of really solid Oldschool Techno, House, Freestyle, Electro, Oldschool Hip Hop, Acid House, Acid and more from DJ Frankie Bones. These boxes from Frankie Bones produced so many rare records and we are still sorting and pricing them, so many more rare goodies to come. We had a very large Soul, Funk, Jazz collection that arrived last week and there must have been close to one thousand records and these records are all priced and in the bins right now. The third key large collection we got in was from a retired DJ and the genres include 1990's to 2,000's House, Progressive House, Techno, Breaks, Mashups, Bootlegs and White Labels and we are down to the last 3 boxes to price.

Several New Vinyl Shipments: House Music, Techno, Rock, Indie, Synth-Pop, Funk, Soul, Turntablism, Jungle, Hardcore, Drum N Bass, Classic Reissues and more!

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know exactly what records we are getting in within minutes of receiving them. Questions on anything just call the shop at (657) 888-4695 or come by and visit us.