Several Used Turntables 4 Sale @ Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe

If you or someone you know is looking for either basic playback turntable, vintage record players or a DJ who needs a set of decks, we have lot's of great stock in right now at the shop. Prices start at $40 and we have something for everyone's budget. Come by and take a look at what we got in stock and feel free to test them out.

Here's a sample of what came in recently>>
2 - ‪Stanton‬ STR8-100 Digital Direct Drive ‪‎turntables w/ needles‬ (these decks are spotless & hardley played)
1 - Stanton SK 6F Professional Battle ‪#DJ mixer‬ (near perfect unplayed condition
1 - ‎Pioneer‬ PL-400 Quartz Fully Automatic Direct DriveTurntable w/ needle + dust cover (works perfectly)

Prices or Questions call us at the shop>> 657-88-VINYL