Ron D Core's birthday event was a blast!

We wanted to thank everyone who attended Ron D Core' birthday party here at Dr. Freecloud's, the event was awesome! Thanks to those of you who brought gifts, special drinks & yummy delights for Ron, he loved all of it. We also wanted to thank all of you for showing support and buying records & other goodies from Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe, we greatly appreciated the business. Last but not least thanks to Clover from for doing the live broadcast and for helping us promote the event.

Now that the dust has settled and the shop is clean and organized after the festivities we are vigorously working on more fun stuff for the shop. The next store event planned is Dr. Freecloud's 17 year anniversary party and that date is set for December 17th 2011. We are putting together the DJ lineup this week and we should have a teasing glimpse by this weekend of who's going to play for the festivities. Be sure to mark your calendars or check our "event calendar" here for more info on this event coming up and other great events too.