Record Store Day was a huge success @ Dr. Freecloud's

We just wanted to thank all of the people who rolled through yesterday during Record Store Day #RSD13 it was one of our best days in sales in recent past. It was a great feeling to see a line of people waiting for us when we opened our shop Saturday morning. It was great seeing such a wide mix of people throughout the day including some oldschool heads, regular customers, new faces, good friends, family and all ages. Even though the day was focused heavily on Record Store Day exclusive vinyl releases, the bulk of the sales came from our massive inventory which covered lot's of cheap records, rare vinyl and new releases too. It was great to see so much love and appreciation for vinyl and most of all mad support for our store...

much respect to all our customers we greatly appreciate you!
"Let's make every day Record Store Day"

Ron D Core, helen* + Zzyzx