Record Store Day @ Dr. Freecloud's

National Record Store Day is almost here again and it's time to come to Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe and show your support. This is a 100% totally free event and everyone and all ages welcome to attend. There will be free food & snacks for everyone that comes to this event and please feel free to bring any snacks or prepared dishes to the event since it's potluck style. We have thousands of new & used records ready for your crate digging and we are also pulling some secret stash vinyl from the backroom just for this event.

All DJ timeslots are filled up! | Here's your DJ's spinning for the day
NRGizer, Dubsak, Patron, Devilman, Majestee, Dloe, Ace Crikey, DJ Marcel, 303 Abuse, DJ Diva Egypt, Idiom, Arcid, Mungo

Record Store Day is a very significant day for us and all other record stores out there, we look forward to seeing all those smiling faces and vinyl lovers. Support your local record stores on this day and continue to support and shop with us more often, becasue to us every day is Record Store Day!

Record Store Day 2012