Record Store Day | Black Friday Edition @ Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe

It's that time of year again everyone... Record Store Day is back once again for the year 2015 on Friday, November 27th for the big Black Friday day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. We can't reveal what records we ordered yet, but we can at least tell you that we've placed all our orders and there's hundreds of titles that we will be getting in during the week of Thanksgiving. We will be posting more details and info as the big day draws near. We QUADRUPLED our orders from previous years and we expect to have tons of exclusives ready to sell to you .

...See you the day after Thanksgiving.

> There will lot's of boxes of Used $1 Vinyl
> Open Turntables for Vinyl DJ's Only (first come first served basis)
> Free Donuts while they last!