Rare Vinyl online @ Last Record Store Standing

We wanted to give a quick plug about all the rare vinyl that's been arriving here at our store Dr. Freecloud's and also our online store LastRecordStoreStanding.com Most of the latest rare Hardcore, Acid, Industrial, Goth & Oldschool Techno records have been coming in from Ron D Core's personal collection. Ron is going through his massive record collection and thinning it out and in the process selling some hard to find records that are in high demand.

Here's a list of some artists that are for sale right now at the shop and online:
Nasenbluten, Deadly Buda, Ron D Core, The Destroyer, R.A.W, Walker, Jammin' Unit, DJ Jackal, Lenny Dee, Radium, Dolphin & Tox, DJ Tron, P. Server, The Speed Freak, Tieum, Random Rampage, Noize Creator, Max Death, Distorted Waves Of Ohm, Lab 4, Skinny Puppy & much more.

There's still another stack we are sorting through right now from Ron D Core's collection and these records will be posted online soon or just drop by or call the store for more info (714) 962.9787