Rare Limited Oldschool Dr. Freecloud's T-shirts 4 Sale

For those who have been wanting to get one or more of our oldschool t-shirts we use to print back in the day, but missed out...here's your last chance to buy cool piece of Dr. Freecloud history. These shirts are from Ron D Core's personal stash and haven't been worn in many years. Most of the t-shirts are in great condition and some are 1 of kind hand made and exclusively made for Ron D Core of the shop. The photo above only shows 6 shirts but we have over 30 different shirts to pcik from so check out the link to them all.

The t-shirt prices range from $5 to $20 each and the jackets and hoodies range from $20 - $25 each. If you are interested come by the store and see for yourself or you can contact the store by phone and we can verbally tell you the prices, sizes and colors we have. You can purchase the t-shirts here at the store or we can take a credit card over the phone or pay through PayPal and we'll ship your shirts to you.

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Questions? (657) 888-4695

Oldschool Freecloud shirts for sale