Posted on January 11, 2012 @ 06:37PM

We wanted to make an official announcement that we are in the planning and organizing faze of doing the "No-Doz 20 Year Anniversary" party. It's been many years since Dr. Freecloud's has thrown any significant parties and we thought it would be great timing to do this event to celebrate one of L.A.'s most notorious afterhours marking the 20th anniversary. For those of you that went to No-Doz back in 1992 remember all the epic nights we ran this show and how this event influenced that time period. We will be putting together the DJ lineup for this event soon and we hope to bring back all the original DJ's you remember that played on a regular basis back then so that all your good memories from back then are realized for this special night. The date and the DJ lineup should be announced soon so keep checking back with our bulletin here at or go join the event group we started on Facebook called "No-Doz 20 Year Reunion 1992-2012"...

Facebook Group page: No-Doz 20 Year Reunion 1992-2012


Posted on January 09, 2012 @ 05:48PM

Dr. Freecloud's got in some really nice records yesterday from DJ's Majestee & Devilman lot's of vinyl classics. The bulk of the records that came through are Hardcore, Gabber, Oldschool Techno, Drum N Bass, Happy Hardcore, Hip Hop & House.

Some record labels to mention in these latest used vinyl arrivals are:
D-Boy, H2OH Recordings, ID&T, Coolman Records, Traxtorm Records, Enzyme, Megarave Records, Neurotoxic, Waxweazle, Hotcore, Epileptik, ZYX, Strike Records, Disturbance, Digital Hut, Top Secret, Turbo Beats, Ozore, Breakbeat Kaos, True Playaz, Violence & much more!

Drop by the store or call us at 714.962.9787 for more info!

Posted on January 08, 2012 @ 03:54PM

A 200+ used Progressive House Vinyl collection just came into the shop including a used black euro flight case (mint shape) + white stackable plastic crate (the kind from Container Store that's obsolete now). All records, euro case + crate are for sale right now at the store, so drop by and be the first to dig through.

Here's a sample list of Record Labels featured:
Fluid Recordings, Release Records, Hooj Choons, Junior, Circulation, Xtravaganza Recordings, SOG Records, Cyber Records, Sperm Records, 3 Beat Records, Jackpot Records, Flying Rhino Records, Additive, Silver Planet, Multiply Records, Platipus Records, SAW Recordnings, Positiva & more...

Call the store for info: 714.962.9787

Posted on January 04, 2012 @ 06:22PM

We wanted to give a quick plug about all the rare vinyl that's been arriving here at our store Dr. Freecloud's and also our online store Most of the latest rare Hardcore, Acid, Industrial, Goth & Oldschool Techno records have been coming in from Ron D Core's personal collection. Ron is going through his massive record collection and thinning it out and in the process selling some hard to find records that are in high demand.

Here's a list of some artists that are for sale right now at the shop and online:
Nasenbluten, Deadly Buda, Ron D Core, The Destroyer, R.A.W, Walker, Jammin' Unit, DJ Jackal, Lenny Dee, Radium, Dolphin & Tox, DJ Tron, P. Server, The Speed Freak, Tieum, Random Rampage, Noize Creator, Max Death, Distorted Waves Of Ohm, Lab 4, Skinny Puppy & much more.

There's still another stack we are sorting through right now from Ron D Core's collection and these records will be posted online soon or just drop by or call the store for more info (714) 962.9787

Posted on January 02, 2012 @ 03:14PM

Now that 2011 is over and you've recovered from all that partying on New Years Eve it's time to get back to vinyl. We are pulling loads more used records    from our back room to the selling floor so come and dig in!