Posted on July 03, 2012 @ 06:51PM

Wow what an amazing night No-Doz 20 Year Reunion turned out to be, this truly was the party of the year. There was so much energy and positive vibes that night and so many of you got dressed up in your oldschool raver gear and Dr. Freecloud's gear it was a true flashback to 1992. We know some of you had to plan way ahead to go to this event and find babysitters, take time away from work and fly in from out of state and drive long distances to make it, so we thank you for making the effort and being a part of history. It was great to see a mixture of oldschoolers & the new generation of ravers dancing along side with each other. This event was in the making since December 2011 and if it weren't for some of our oldschool friends this party never would have happened. After a long absence from throwing events, Dr. Freecloud's was ready to reunite all of us for one special night and now that the dust has settled it was totally worth all the extra hours of work, late nights of promoting, lost sleep and stress and a little bit of tears...we all had a blast!

Here's the official special thank you list of everyone who helped out, donated their time, hooked us up with discounts, etc. First and most, thanks to Paul T of Goldenvoice for investing & believing in this event, thanks to all the staff at The Fox Theater & Goldenvoice for helping the event run smooth. Thanks to Gideon Sauceda and his team for putting together such amazing visuals and solid sound systems, we had so many compliments from the crowd on your work. Thanks to Marco Maciel with Intense Lasers for donating the lasers, monitor speakers and turntables and time, we greatly appreciate what you did for us. Thanks to Paul Worthington (Unity DC) for donating his time getting the hotel rooms set up and booked for all those out of state and long distance travelers and for handling promotion on the east coast. Thanks to our close friends Liza Pacheco, Ish Pacheco, Monique Pacheco, Aaron Heinrich, Jon Molina & Denise Allen for all the help the night of the event, you all made the evening run much smoother. Thanks to Chris Mirsch for all the graphics you did for the printed flyers and all the countless web flyers and banners too. Thanks to every DJ that played amazing vinyl sets: DJ Dan, R.A.W., Mellinfunk, E-Zone, Fester, Barry Weaver, Ron D Core, Mordrum, Oscar Da Grouch, CRS?, APX-1, Machete, Remo & Slyten you guys rocked it! Thanks to Rocky Raccoon & Boom Boom for hosting and bringing all the club kids with you, it made the party look good. Thanks to the Dr. Freecloud's street team Salina Vega, Andrew Sanchez, Mark Iracheta, Jerimie Majestee, Steve Fiend and to all the rest of you who also grabbed stacks of flyers and passed them out everywhere. Thanks to the countless people who spent time promoting and hyping up the event online on just about every social network. Thanks to Tiny, Rob Wright & Fester for making event promo YouTube videos, it definitely got people hyped. Thanks to Dennis Simms at KUCI "Riders Of The Plastic Groove" and all the other radio stations for promoting us on the airwaves and for giving away tickets on air. Thanks to our photographers Mike Ivankay & John St.Clair for the entire night of photography, we can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks to John Kramer for recording everyone's sets, can't wait to hear the final recordings. For all the people who we forgot to mention, we thank you too.

Stay tuned for all the photo's, videos and live recordings to be posted on & we also still have some DJ Slipmats, Tshirts & Necklaces for sale at the shoppe!

Posted on June 23, 2012 @ 01:13PM

The official No-Doz t-shirts are here now at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe, so come and get yours early before the event night. We have both guys and girls shirts in different colors like orange, yellow, grey & hot pink. The shirts are priced at $12.99 each at the store and for those wanting to order online they will be posted on on Monday June 25th.

Questions? call the store 714.962.9787

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The limited editon No-Doz 20 Year Reunion DJ Turntable Slipmats are finally here at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. We only made 30 of these bad boys so quantities are limited and we've already sold some. You can come & get yours at the shop or online at they sell for $12.99 each, don't hesitate on these they will sell out fast!

No-Doz DJ Turntable Slipmat

No-Doz slipmat

Posted on June 22, 2012 @ 05:50PM

We had some really great entries for the "No-Doz appreciation free ticket contest" and we selected the winner for this week. Congrats to Omar Miramontes for his creative No-Doz flyer suit...

There's still a chance to win a ticket for this contest all you have to do is use any or many No-Doz flyers and be creative, naughty or outrageous and snap a picture and submit the photo to one of the links below!!!

No-Doz Facebook group
No-Doz Facebook event page

No-Doz ticket winner

Posted on June 18, 2012 @ 06:13PM


Here it is everyone it's the next instore BBQ @ Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. The Cranial Deformation Project is back and if you remember that last one they did it was a packed house. Don't miss this free instore event, there will be plenty of free food, drinks and your favorite local DJ's playing all styles of hard music on vinyl


CDP BBQ 3 (Link)