Posted on December 17, 2012 @ 06:42PM

Can't decide what to get for that DJ or Vinyl collector for Christmas this year?

Grab a gift card in amount you want, they never expire and are good towards everything at the store covering all vinyl, CD's clothing, DJ mixtapes, DJ lessons and much more! If you can't make it to the shop to physically pick up a Gift Card just call us at (714) 962-9787 and we can take a credit card or PayPal payment over the phone and mail it to you or the gift card recipient...

Question? 714.962.9787

Posted on December 14, 2012 @ 06:16PM

It's time again for another BBQ at Dr. Freecloud's and this will be the last one for the 2012 calendar. The Junglizm crew will be taking over the shoppe with the sickest Drum N Bass DJ lineup throwing down wicked vinyl sets. There will be plenty of free bbq food, snacks and drinks so grab some friends and hang out with us.  We got in lot's of new & backstock Drum N Bass + Dubstep vinyl this week and also lot's of used DNB came in too, so there's lot's of great records to shop for when you come to the event. Every category of music is fully stocked at the store right now so shop for some wax while listening to dope beats.

DJz spinning:
R.A.W., CRS?, Jonny5, O.G. Hazard, Ohmen
Slyten, Sixfootunda, Eriz, Uome, Dubplates

Facebook event link

Junglizm BBQ @ Dr. Freecloud's

Posted on December 10, 2012 @ 07:19PM

on the date of 12-12-12 Dr. Freecloud's will be having a huge $1 Vinyl Sale all day long on selected used categories. Any record from the categories mentioned below will be only $1 each so take advantage of this ridiculous sale and fill up a milk crate with records for cheap!

Genres included in the sale:

House, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop (Top Hits), Childrens, Big Band, Classical, Trance, Progressive House, Vocal, Easy Listening & Instrumentals

questions: 714-962-9787

12-12-12 $1 Vinyl Sale @ Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe

Posted on December 09, 2012 @ 04:25PM

This past week and weekend we got in such a nice shipment of great new drum n bass & Dubstep vinyl + some key backstock titles too!

We also got in a big stack os used DNB and a lot of it is early jungle and older drum n bass, so definitely come by and dig through before they all sell out.

call us with any questions 714-962-9787

Posted on December 05, 2012 @ 04:34PM

Come and join us for our official 18th year anniversary for Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. This very special event is 100% Free all ages and everyone is welcome to attend so bring the whole family with you. Come & listen to your favorite oldschool & newschool DJ's who will be spinning 100% vinyl sets. There will be lot's of free catered food and drinks for everyone and also free giveaways and goodies too! There will be over 1000+ new & used records put out in the bins especially for this event, including some rarities so we have our true vinyl lovers covered for your shopping needs. DJ timeslots will be announced Wednesday, December 5th.

((Vinyl DJz spinning))
DJ Robin (Funny Farm, Club Post Nuclear, No-Doz)
Jason Blakemore (DJ Trance 1992-1996 set)
Ron D Core (Dr. Freecloud's, 100% Vinyl DJ)
DJ Pal (OG San Diego Hardcore DJ)
Krylon (Dr. Freecloud's, CDP)
Remo (Pure Filth LA)
Verity (M.S.R.)
DJ Nickel (MODA)
DJ Dement (Audio Science)
Strider (G.I.V.E. Entertainment)
Aaron H (Dr. Freecloud's)
((Open decks from 12 noon to 4pm - arrive early to get a timeslot!))

Facebook Event Page
Dr. Freecloud's Event Calendar
(714) 962-9787

Dr. Freecloud's Barely 18 Year Birthday Celebration