Posted on April 21, 2013 @ 02:00PM

We just wanted to thank all of the people who rolled through yesterday during Record Store Day #RSD13 it was one of our best days in sales in recent past. It was a great feeling to see a line of people waiting for us when we opened our shop Saturday morning. It was great seeing such a wide mix of people throughout the day including some oldschool heads, regular customers, new faces, good friends, family and all ages. Even though the day was focused heavily on Record Store Day exclusive vinyl releases, the bulk of the sales came from our massive inventory which covered lot's of cheap records, rare vinyl and new releases too. It was great to see so much love and appreciation for vinyl and most of all mad support for our store...

much respect to all our customers we greatly appreciate you!
"Let's make every day Record Store Day"

Ron D Core, helen* + Zzyzx

Posted on April 17, 2013 @ 07:06PM

This Saturday, April 20th is the official national Record Store Day! 

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe is geared up and ready to sell you loads of sick exclusive vinyl releases just for this special day. Besides all the exclusive records we will be getting in there's also thousands of records going out on the selling floor that nobody has dug through yet. As a bonus Ron D Core will be putting out some of his rare hidden vinyl gems for this day. If you love vinyl and are a serious collector, then this date shouldn't be missed.

here's some genres that are coming in for Record Store Day!
Rock, Indie, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Drum N Bass, IDM, Funk, Soul, Psyche Rock, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Turntablism + more!

Be prepared to shop because these records are limited in supply and once they sell they are gone.

Open Decks at the shop all day during Record Store Day - if you want to spin some vinyl on the recently beefed up Dr. Freecloud's Sound System, just contact us at the shop (657) 888-4695 or just come by and put your name on the list!!!

Posted on April 16, 2013 @ 06:06PM

We wanted to personally thank everyone who pledged, contributed, promoted and reposted to our Indiegogo "Survive & Thrive" fund raising campaign. We didn't meet our intended goal of $14,500, but we are extremely grateful for all the pledges that came through. Thanks also to those people who donated DJ Mix CD's, vinyl, t-shirts, stickers, dj mixtapes, buttons and more to put into our "Grab Bag" & "VIP Grab Bag" perk pledges. Thanks to Nate Jackson from the OC Weekly for writing such a great article about our cause and campaign and thanks to Brandon from Bell Ringer Records for throwing such a great in store benefit event for us, it was a huge success. A big thanks to those of you who came down to the shop and showed your support by making purchases here at the shop and through our online store as your way of helping our campaign. The biggest thanks goes out to our great friend Jon Molina, without him we wouldn't have done the Indiegogo fund raising campaign and also he was the social network engineer behind the promotional end. Collectively from all the pledges, personal donations, direct purchases & the special in store BBQ benefit event at the store & online it was truly a huge success for us. Our store got a nice boost in business over the past 40+ days throughout the campaign and the money raised will definitely help us get through the tough times and enable us to catch up on some bills and finally get some needed inventories.

Here's the stats from the campaign
Campaign money raised - $8,190
Funders who contributed - 138
Referrals - 1,224
Total views - 8,434

Take a look at all the results and details here:

Posted on April 15, 2013 @ 06:59PM

The big fund raising campaign for our record store ends tonight April 15th (12 Midnight). For those of you who haven't pledged yet this is the absolut final moments. We are at 50% of our intended fund raising goal and over 120 unique pledgers have contributed to our cause. We are are truly blessed for all the pledges that came through so far and look forward to reaching our goal by midnight. 

Wanna Pledge to the campaign before midnight?

Pledge Here >>

Posted on April 10, 2013 @ 07:56PM

Come join us on Sunday April 14th, 2013 as Bellringer Records celebrates their 3 year anniversary. The Bellringer crew is also throwing this event to help raise money for Dr. Freecloud's "Survive & Thrive" fund raising campaign going on through

Bellringer Records crew will be contributing all the food, drinks & DJ's for the day and also be doing raffles throughout the day with all procedes going to Dr. Freecloud's cause. This event is 100% free and everyone is welcome to attend. We encourage those coming to the event to show your support and make a purchase at the store or make a pledge through the fund raising campaign.
DJ's spinning: Nightstalker, Satin, Slim, Tabu, The Deadbeats, OVC, Blang & Kaboom, Brothers Grim
This event will be the final push to raise funds to help our store survive. The campaign ends on Monday, April 15th 2013
the "Survive & Thrive" campaign link:
Bellringer Records 3 Year & Benefit event link: