Posted on August 13, 2013 @ 02:11PM

We just got in another used turntable here at the shop yesterday. It's a Numark "TT USB" belt drive turntable and comes with a Numark GT cartridge & stylus. This turntable was barely used and it's in near perfect super clean condition. There's RCA & USB cables attached to the turntable so you can hook up to your sound system and or computer. Great DJ starter turntable and also perfect for digitizing your vinyl or for playing back your records.

Numark "TT USB" Belt Drive Turntable
+ Numark GT Cartridge & Stylus
price: $60.00

come by Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe & take a look or just buy it.
Questions call us at the shoppe: 657-888-4695

Posted on July 30, 2013 @ 08:16PM

This Sunday, August 4th (12-6pm) is another quality event at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. The Dirty Snare crew is back with another installment of "Do You Love Your Vinyl" the last time was a great turnout and this event should not disappoint as it will be even better. It's a Free event so bring all your friends and family, there will be plenty of free food & drinks for all that attend. All DJs will be spinning 100% vinyl sets so, come for the music, good times and show your support & help a great record store by shopping for vinyl during the event.

DJ's spinning:
Lethal One, Dennis Moore, Phobik, Brutus, Witchdocta, RPM, D-Vice, Gema

located at>>
Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

657-88-VINYL (84695)


Posted on July 28, 2013 @ 01:16PM

Here's the DJ timeslots for the "I'm On The Radio"  event going on right now here at Dr. Freecloud's, going til 6pm!!!

Can't make it to the event..tune in online at>>>

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St,
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708


Posted on July 23, 2013 @ 07:33PM

This Sunday, July 28th is I'm On The Radio...Sal and the crew are back again here at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe for another great free in store event for all. Come and watch and listen to the DJs spinning 100% cinyl sets of Hardcore, Jungle, Techno and more. This event will be broadcasted live via internet. There will be free food and drinks for all who attend.

Ron D Core, Sylent Noyse, Arcid, Soundsquatch, Scooby, Saviour, Red 3, Dloe, Virtue, Novakain

More info: 657-888-4695
Facebook event page


Posted on July 23, 2013 @ 06:56PM

Used Vinyl Collections Just Arrived:
We've had some really great vinyl collections come into Dr. Freecloud's over the past week and there's so many classics and sought after records in these crates you just gotta come down and dig through yourself. The photo is only half of what came in over the past week, there's a lot more we already priced and put out into the record bins. Come by and spend the day with us and get your fingers ready to dig. If you have any questions or want us to look for any certain titles, artists or record labels just call the shoppe!

Vinyl Collection Music Genres:
Oldschool Techno, Classic 80's + 90's House, 80's & 90's Hip Hop, Trance, 80's New Wave, Hip House, Acid House, Techno, New Beat, Remixes, R&B, Funk, Soul, 80's Electro, Freestyle and many more genres to dig through!

Used Turntable 4 Sale - Kenwood KD-3070
We just got in another great used turntable here at the shop. The Kenwood KD-3070 direct drive record player is in excellent condition and comes with cartridge, stylus, and dust cover. Drop by Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe and take a look and test out this super clean turntable.

Used ANVIL DJ Flight Case 4 Sale
We just got in a solid used DJ flight case here at the record shoppe and it's in great shape. The case is manufactured by Anvil which makes the best and toughest travel cases in the music industry. This case is metallic silver and has reinforced side handles and a top handle, the inside has strong thick foam for protecting your records. The case holds over 100 records and it's perfect for those travelling DJ gigs. We don't get this brand of DJ cases in here at the store very often and this case will sell fast, so don't wait too long to come and get it.

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
657-88-VINYL | 657-888-4695