Only 7 Days Left For Dr. Freecloud's Fund Raising Campaign

Dr. Freecloud's "Survive & Thrive" fund raising campaign is only one week away from the end. Now is crunch time and we are still a long ways away from our goal of $14,500 so we need you now more than ever to make your pledges and help us reach our goal.

There are many perk packages offered covering all budgets starting at just $5. You can pledge any amount you like or pledge through any of the perks we offer. If you can't pledge we still love you and there's many ways to help out our struggling business. Take a look at the list of ways to pledge, promote, shop, donate and support Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe.

Here's 10 Ways you can help us!
1. make a pledge in any amount starting at just $5
2. share this post and any post from us through all social networks
3. print out the PDF poster & stick them everywhere
4. come & shop at our store
5. shop at our online store
6. shop at our digital download store
7. donate your unwanted vinyl or CD's
8. blog or write an article about us and our campaign
9. Review our store on Yelp, Google Places, Yellow Pages, etc.
10. Contact your local papers, blogs like OC Weekly, OC Register and tell them to write an article about us and the campaign...

Our Indiegogo Campaign