Oldschool DJ Mix Tapes Sale @ Dr. Freecloud's

new mixtapes just added

Dr. Freecloud's is having a limited time DJ Mix Tapes sale. Here's your chance to fill those gaps in your mix tapes collection at a discount price. All tapes we sell are recorded from the original master recordings from either DAT, CD or Reel Tape. All tapes come with their original full color covers. The mix tape sale ends April 20th 2012...

5 More MixTapes ((Just Added))
Ron D Core - No-Doz Original Recipe
Ron D Core - The Witchdoctors Prescription (California Project)
Ron D Core - Alive In Hell! (California Project)
Ron D Core vs Lenny Dee - Live @ Operation 2
Omar Santana - Burning Flesh

((Mix Tape Sale Prices))
(Buy) 1-9 tapes = $10.00 each
(Buy) 10-19 tapes = $9.00 each
(Buy) 20-29 tapes = $8.00 each
(Buy) 30-39 tapes = $7.00 each
(Buy) 40-49 tapes = $6.00 each
(Buy) 50+ tapes = $5.00 each
**Double tapes count as 2 tapes**

For full list of tapes & shipping info click the link below
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