Nice stack of Classic Hardcore & Gabber from Oscar Da Grouch ((Just Arrived))

We just got in a nice stack of Oldschool Hardcore, Gabber, Acid & Ragga from L.A.'s very own Oscar Da Grouch. Here's a list of some of the record labels that came in this stack: Ruffneck, Rotterdam Records, Terror Traxx, K.N.O.R., Force Inc. Over Drive, Mono Tone, Brrr Records, Mokum. Some of the artists featured are: Neophyte, Juggernaut, Undercover Anarchist, Speed Freak, Hardcore Asylum, Sigma 909, Knightvision, C-Tank, Bald Terror, Human Resource, Holy Noise, The Agressor, Armegeddon...many more to check out besides these... Drop by the store or call us at 714.962.9787 to get more info!