More Rare Vinyl from Ron D Core's collection selling @ Dr. Freecloud's


Ron is getting rid of some records he doesn't play any more along with some doubles and a lot of rare vinyl too! All the records from Ron's collection are for sale at the store only but if you live too far from the store and want something just email us what you want and we can invoice you through PayPal & ship it out to your address. 

The music genres selling are: Hardcore, Gabber, Oldschool Techno, Hard Acid, Techno + Acid House. The records are only 1 copy of each and are in excellent condition. Some of the record labels in this stack include: Re-Load Records, Cunt Records, Violent Recordings, X-Core, Deathchant, Napalm, Gobble Records, Analog Records, R&S Records, Force Inc. Music Works, Probe Records, Hardwax, Magnetic North, Basic Channel, Kotzaak, Deadly Systems + many more!

Click the link for the full list of records for sale: Ron D Core's Records