MK ULTRA - Secret DTLA loft party | DJ's Ron D Core + Koolaid + Steve Loria

We invite you to come celebrate the birthday of Mr Koolaid along with all other cancers.. this is the first in a new series of events we will be bringing you as we join forces with Koolaid and Trauma live.. this first one is a private FREE event for all of you and your friends, as we would like you to come and celebrate with us and experience first hand all that we have been working on to continue to move forward and create new and interesting environments for all of us to enjoy and have fun while continuing the amazing LA underground scene in a positive direction both musically and artistically. That being said, please feel free to invite any others you like and feel would add to all of our experience.. more detailed info below, please read carefully.. to get location info please RSVP to the address below.. and also, to fully experience all the Augmented Reality art and visuals, please download the FREE app for your phone at the link below..

Saturday, July 16th (10pm to 5am)
Location: Secret DTLA loft (get venue address through RSVP)
RSVP to: [email protected]
Click Here to read all the details and cool stuff you'll be a part of