Massive Vinyl Collection Just Arrived @ Dr. Freecloud's

Over 8 milk crates filled with used vinyl came through the store over the past few days. Too many record labels and artists to mention so we thought we would mention some of the genres and record labels to give you an idea.

Here's a what music genres came in through the vinyl collections:
Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore, Techno, Breaks, Psy-Trance, Breakcore, Industrial, Schranz, Oldschool Techno, House, Happy Hardcore, Classic Rock, Punk, 80's New Wave + more.

Record Labels featured:
Sacred Forces, Rotterdam Records, Masters Of Hardcore, Dwarf, The Third Movement, Industrial Strength Records, Ruff Beats, Wax Weazle, Forze, Coolman, Neurotoxic, Adam Worldwide, Psychik Genocide, Offensive, Terror Traxx, XES, DNA, Nordcore, Explosive Records, Arena, Bionic, D-Boy, Rotterdam Terror Corps, USR Records, Brain Destruction, Babyboom, K.N.O.R., Essential Platinum, Kniteforce, Impact Records, Raver Baby, Megarave Records, Meta4, Traxtorm, H2OH Recordings, IST, BZRK, Enzyme, Genosha, Hardcore Mafia, DHR, Area 51 Recordings, Killout, Darkspell Records, Ybrid, Hangars Liquides, Provision Records, Twisted Vinyl, Drumcode, FBI, Quosh, RAW Elements, Next Generation, Blatant Beats and loads more!

come by the shop to see all the vinyl or just call us at (657) 888-4695