Just in..Hardcore, DnB & Schranz Vinyl Collection @ Dr. Freecloud's

We got in another great vinyl collection yesterday at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. This collection came from Nico (DJ Neverquiet) he brought us some really great records. We are pricing and putting out all this vinyl throughout the day & the collection is about 250 records all together.

Record Labels featured:
Industrial Strength, Enzyme, Epileptik, Bastard Loud, DNA, Neurotoxic, Psychik Genocide, Traxtorm, Randy 909, Kryzalide Production, Strike Records, The Third Movement, Prspct, Hench, Genosha Recordings, Mentally Dstrbd, Ram Records, Outbreak, Enzyme K7, Enzyme X, Grid Recordings, Tech Freak, Obscene Recordings, Position Chrome, Freak Recordings, Sustained Records, Killing Sheep, Counterstrike Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, Guerilla Recordings, Bug Klinik, Working Vinyl, Cannibal Society, Cardiac Arrest, Domestic Violence, Artillery...+ many more!

Artists featured:
I:Gor, DJ Maissoulle, The Teknoist, Lenny Dee, Tymon, Hellfish, Art Of Fighters, The Mastery, The Speed Freak, Sickest Squad, Cooh, Donny, Limewax, Panacea, Dylan, Current Value, Evol Intent, Outside Agency, DJ Nosferatu, Broken Rules, Drokz, Frazzbass, DJ Hidden, Axis & Trank, Counterstrike, Enduser, Meccano Twins, The Enticer, Unexist, Tommyknocker, Detest, Bryan Fury, Pattern J, Moleculez, Stormtrooper, Andreas Kraemer, Raiden, Sub Focus, Amok, Jeff Amadeus, Daniel Gloomy, Alex TB, Greg Notill, Lukas...+ many more!