Hardcore, Jungle, DNB, Hardhouse collection + Used Turntables

Look what came through the doors at our shop over the weekend. We got in 2 crates of Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore, Industrial, Breakcore, US Hard House, Jungle, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop vinyl so many classics are peppered throughout these stacks! Also a pair of Numark TT 1625 direct drive turntables with needles and a Numark DM950 2 channel DJ mixer. Interseted in any of these records or DJ gear just call the shop, come by or message us through any of our social networks.

Some of the Record Labels we got in:
Mokum, Deathchant, Atomic Hardcore Recordings, Industrial Strength, Enzyme, Napalm, Epileptik Productions, Adam Worldwide, Audiogenic, D-Boy, Gobble Records, H2oh Recordings, Canadian Speedcore Resistance, Rotterdam Records, Addict Records, Neophyte Records, Apocalypse Records, Traxtorm Records, The Third Movement, BloodyFist, Nitrous Oxide Entertainment, Back 2 Basics, Joker, IHR and many more!

Come dig through at:
Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708
(657) 88-vinyl