Funky Breaks & Breakbeat Vinyl Collection @ Dr. Freecloud's

We just got in 2 crates full of Funky Breaks, Florida Breaks and Breakbeat vinyl from a collection here at Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe. So many classic records in these crates and we haven't seen a lot of these records in our shop for many years. If ya love the breaks then don't sleep on these bad boys and get yourself down to the shop and dig through the wax!

Here's some Record Labels featured:
Funklab Records, Uniscope Unified Funk, Puffin' Records, Union Records, Zone Records, Warped Records, Whatt Kastle, Funk Wax, ECB Records, Basscore Records, Kaleidoscope Music, Fresh Prosuctions, Bless Records, MAFDDAP, Wicked Wax, Yes Mate Records, Millennium Breaks, Wicked Lake Records, Phattraxx, Tree Records, Ideal Muzik, Afterdark Records, Solution Records, Rainbow Bridge, Overhead Records, Rat Records, Xquizit Records, Dallas Funk Factory Records, Zoid Recordings... + many more!

Here's some Artists featured:
Dynamix II, Funk Junkies, Icey, DJ Moon, DJ Whatt, DJ Fixx, Huda Hudia, Burufunk, DJ Dave London, Kelly Reverb, DJ CJ, All Star Breakers, Tony Faline, Brian Van Dalen, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Gumbee, Dave Trance, Sleepyc, Bahamut, DJ Love + many more!!