Dr. Freecloud's Vinyl Newsletter | June 15, 2017

Our latest "Vinyl Newsletter" is out now and here's an excerpt>

Summer is less than a week away and we are geared up and ready. We have so many things planned and in the works for the next few months. One of our newest t-shirts we teased in the last newsletter is out now and that's our "American Flag Freecloud" tank top. Grab this new shirt at our shop or online. We put in the order for our new embroidered hats which should be in stock next week sometime, stay tuned for the announcement on Instagram and Facebook upon their arrival. We also got in full restocks on all our current t-shirt designs as well.

On the vinyl front we've been getting lot's of new records in every week since Record Store Day and now our new releases bins are completely full. More new vinyl is arriving daily Monday through Friday, so pop in frequently or follow us through our social networks. Regarding the used vinyl, we hustled and got all those boxes and stacks of records piling up all priced and put out into the bins. Now that we finished the backlog, more stacks of records just arrived and here we go again.

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