Dr. Freecloud's Barely 18 Year Birthday Celebration


Come and join us for our official 18th year anniversary for Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe on Saturday, December 8th 2012. This very special event is 100% Free all ages and everyone is welcome to attend so bring the whole family with you. Come & listen to your favorite oldschool & newschool DJ's who will be spinning 100% vinyl sets. There will be lot's of free catered food and drinks for everyone and also free giveaways and goodies too! If anyone would like to bring any additional food drinks or gifts for the store we will gladly accept them. There will be lot's of new & used records put out in the bins especially for this event, including some rarities so we have our true vinyl lovers covered. 

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Vinyl DJ's Spinning
DJ Robin (Funny Farm, Club Post Nuclear, No-Doz)
Jason Blakemore (DJ Trance 1992-1996 set)
Ron D Core (Dr. Freecloud's, 100% Vinyl DJ)
DJ Pal (OG San Diego Hardcore DJ)
Krylon (Dr. Freecloud's, CDP)
Remo (Pure Filth LA)
Verity (M.S.R.)
DJ Nickel (MODA)
DJ Dement (Audio Science)
Strider (G.I.V.E. Entertainment)
Aaron H (Dr. Freecloud's)

Dr. Freecloud's Barely 18 Year Birthday