100 Records for only $100 Sale @ Dr. Freecloud's

Drop by Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe any time during regular business hours and grab a milk crate from the back our our store and fill it up with 100 used records. Just about every category is part of this sale except for Hardcore & Drum N Bass, but if it's those 2 categories you want then just buy 100 records out of all the other categories and we can work something out for those 2 excluded categories! This sale is limited to how many milk crates we have in stock to fill up, so come ASAP and start shopping. The milk crate is included with your 100 record purchase...
For those who live too far away to get this deal we can offer this same special to you, just contact the store and we can work out the shipping price.

Here's all the categories that are part of the sale!
Techno, Trance, Rock, Jazz, Disco, Bluegrass, R&B, House, Hard Acid, Oldschool Techno, Downtempo, Blues, Progressive House, Acid Techno, Experimental, Electro, IDM, Hardstyle, Hip Hop, Oldschool Rap, Happy Hardcore, Freeform, Hard Trance, NRG, Tech House, J-Core, Acid House, Speed Garage, New Beat, Miami Bass, Hip House, Psy-Trance, Reggae, Vocal, Funk, Pop, Glam Rock, Synth Pop, Metal, Ska, Punk, Indie, Industrial, Soundtracks, Musicals, Children's, Goth, Electrohouse, New Wave, Instructional, Big Band, Dub, Comedy, Classical, Instructional, WTF, Sound Effects, Instrumentals, Religous, Spoken Word, Country, Gospel, Oldies, Holiday, World Music and much more...

Questions call the store (714) 962-9787

100 Records for $100 Sale